Handwashing Works is not just for schools and young kids!

Handwashing Works is not just for schools and young kids!

Handwashing Works isn’t just for schools! It’s a comprehensive Unit study also suitable for parents, homeschoolers, daycares and interest groups such as scouts and youth groups. 

Though we created our program for pre-k to second grade classes, we received a wide range of responses and requests from those wanting to implement our program!  

Hear what some of them had to say…

Handwashing Works is for daycares and interest groups such as scouts and youth groups: 

I am a daycare provider in my area. I am teaching healthy hygiene. I Think this would help with Teaching good hand washing.

If this kit is available for girl scout troops also we would love to be able to share this with the girls. It fits in perfect with some of the personal care badges. Thanks!

This will not be used at a school but for a cub scout pack.  The wolf den has an adventure all about hand washing and this will go along great with the activities.

I am Committee chair for pack 494 and a medical assistant. We have a requirement to learn about germs and would love to use this if it is allowed. Boys are ages 8,9,and 10.

Handwashing Works is for homeschoolers and parents: 

I would love this for a group I get together with to homeschool

We are homeschoolers & have fellow homeschoolers in the community we gather with that I would like to share this with

I homeschool my sons & would also like to share the materials w/ my homeschool group. Thank you, in advance, for this lesson & your generosity!

As a self contained sped teacher, i know my kids witll both enjoy and benefit from this. Thank you for the opportunity.

Handwashing Works is great for special needs students:

I teach 6th graders with severe disabilities.  this will really benefit them.

I teach at a special education school, this kit will help the children with SPECIAL needs maintain their hygiene and health And for those around them.

I would like to teach my students with disabilities about hand washing using this kit

Handwashing Works is a great STEM program:

Hello! I am a 7th Grade science teacher and would love to use your materials as I teach about internal stimuli.  My state mandates require students to describe and relate responses in organisms that may result from internal stimuli such as  fever or vomiting in animals that allow them to maintain balance. I feel as though students can gain a better understanding of the importance of washing their hands. Thank you!

I am The science teacher at my school and this would be a great addition to The curriculum.  Thank you!

We are an after school program.  We do stem activities. This would be excellent.

I am a 9th grade physical science teacher. The students just tried to do an experiment like thus because they create experiments For science fair. We also talk about infectious disease and the spread of it in my junior bio med class the kit would be perfect For both. 

Our program consists of a lesson plan, worksheets, coloring seek and find pages, handwashing steps and handwashing moments posters. Once a child completes the course they will even earn a Handwashing Works certificate!  It’s a fun interactive program to help kids of all ages and abilities develop healthy handwashing habits and to know when to wash up!

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