Handwashing Works Goes National!

Handwashing Works Goes National!

On October 15, 2018– Global Handwashing Day – Essity announced the National launch of Handwashing Works  – our hand hygiene education program. Handwashing Works is a turnkey ‘kit’ for teachers that includes which includes engaging activities, a lesson plan and materials for an in-class instructional activity where students learn the key moments when they should wash their hands.

The goal of Handwashing Works is to help establish and reinforce proper handwashing habits for children from Pre-K through Second Grade. This program’s goal is to decrease the spread of germs throughout schools and in the home. As the CDC stated, the 2017-18 flu season was the worst since 2009. Being prepared for 2018-19 flu season to keep children healthy and in school is more critical than ever, and proper handwashing is an important component of this.


What does the lesson entail?

Following a brief teacher instruction session, provided in our easy to follow and teacher approved lesson plan, the children participate in our Black Light Activity, in which they pat lotion (representing ‘germs’) on their hands, then hold their hands under the black light which reveals the germs. Children then wash their hands and come back to the black light to see whether they have washed off all of the lotion, or ‘germs.’

In addition to the Black light Activity, downloadable coloring pages, activity sheets and certificated are available to supplement your lesson


Do I have to buy anything?

No, our handwashing materials are free and blacklight kits will be provided to the first 500 teachers who sign up.


How do I implement this program?

Please click here to order a FREE Blacklight Kit for your classroom (while supplies last). Once you order your light kit, you will be taken to a page to download the Handwashing Kit files. Which include a lesson plan, coloring and activity pages, certificates, instruction sheets and posters.


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