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Clean Hands Help Keep Kids in Class

Handwashing Works shows students how to wash their hands the correct way in a fun and engaging lesson that their teachers can easily incorporate into a 30-minute module. In the unit study, students learn how to wash their hands properly and how often they should do so. The Handwashing Works Toolkit comes with a lesson plan for the teacher, worksheets for the children, activities and posters for the classroom.


The goal of this program is to help establish and reinforce life-long healthy handwashing habits, which will help to decrease the spread of germs throughout schools and the students’ homes. 

Students will:

Learn about germs and how they can lead to illness

Find out when they should wash their hands

Learn the proper handwashing technique

What is Handwashing Works?

In our innovative Handwashing Works unit study we introduce children to Gunky Gus, a gooey germ that everyone is trying to squash. He shows up everywhere!  It’s up to Zoey, a handwashing pro, to teach Jake when to wash his hands and how to do it the right way to send Gus on his way for good! 

We Enjoy Hearing from teachers

What People Say

“Research shows that proper handwashing habits keep children healthy, and help them learn and grow. Everyone has a role to play to teach good hygiene practices, and we encourage every school to make handwashing a priority. These materials make it fun and easy to get started!” Carolyn Moore Secretariat Director, Global Handwashing Partnership

Global Handwashing Partnership

Hand washing is so important for students to master at the pre-k age. They will carry this skill through the rest of their lives. Thank you for giving away this extremely helpful kit!

Christina Calvo, Emlen Elementary School

Our young pre-school children are learning best ways to wash our hands and many reasons why washing our hands keep us healthy. We are discovering..we can see dirt but germs are invisible. Your kits will be a wonderful educational theme that promotes concepts and lesson ideas!

Janet Burke, Lincoln Bright Futures