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Essity, a global hygiene and health company, has set out to make a difference and improve hygiene standards in schools. The goal of this program is to help establish and reinforce handwashing habits, which will help to decrease the spread of germs throughout schools and in your home.

With the risk of COVID-19, it’s more important than ever for schools to improve their hand hygiene education curriculum. Handwashing WorksTM is a free download that shows students how to successfully wash their hands through a fun, engaging lesson that you can implement in your classroom to fulfill state hand hygiene education requirements.

Whether learning will occur in person, virtually or in a home-school setting, this innovative handwashing unit study helps to keep germs at bay– keeping students healthy and in class!

Handwashing Works is a resource for PreK through 2nd grade educators to use when delivering handwashing education in their schools. They can download a free instruction kit which includes a lesson plan, virtual presentation, posters, worksheets and even an app! Students will learn about germs, the five steps to follow for effective handwashing, and when they should wash their hands.

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Essity teamed up with the School District of Philadelphia and Temple University’s College of Public Health to measure the impact of hand hygiene education on student behavior.

Temple evaluators observed students and scoring was applied to each child’s handwashing habits over a period of time.

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Anna B Pratt Pre-K Handwashing Students

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Handwashing Education Milestones

Our First Handwashing Event

Our Mother of Consolation, 15 First Graders

The Big Idea

Essity researches and finds a need for a robust handwashing education program.

Global Handwashing Partnership
The Creation of the Handwashing Works Program

Handwashing Works is born!

New Program Launch and Study Commenced

School District of Philadelphia and Temple University College of Public Health

Our First Official Handwashing Works event

Fitzpatrick School Bright Futures Pre-K Program, 67 new handwashing masters

Handwashing Works National Launch

We are proud to announce the national launch of our Handwashing Works through our new website!

Essity's Jammin Jingle Challenge
First Community Event

Please Touch Museum Global Handwashing Day Activation