Handwashing Works
Project Manager

Jennifer Miller

Jennifer Miller
“It’s so cool to see the kids excited about learning proper handwashing techniques—they love to participate and ask questions! I’m proud of my team for creating a fun, colorful and creative way to teach this crucial health and hygiene skill.”

Jennifer Miller
Handwashing Works Manager
Essity’s Communications Manager, NA

About: Jen has over 14 years of experience in the field of communications and has managed and participated in numerous corporate community projects over the years. Although new to Essity, she recently participated in one of our handwashing demonstrations and is excited partake in many more.

Fun Fact: Jen was a former cheerleading and softball coach and has experience working with children of all ages.

Role in this project: Jen is project managing our Handwashing Works program and helps keep our handwashing ideas, activities and kits organized. She also participates in our handwashing demonstrations.

Best known for: Keeping all of our ducks in a row!

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