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Thank you for taking steps to improve hand hygiene at your school! Our goal is to reach as many children as possible and have a positive impact on hygiene standards. Please fill out this form to receive access to download our materials and a FREE Black Light kit — it’s a fun and engaging handwashing education activity! (See below for a description of the black light kit.) We will not spam you. All information will be used to improve our program and its offerings.

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Black light activity: using an ultraviolet flashlight which detects glow-in-the-dark lotion (representing germs), children rub lotion onto their hands, then hold them under the black light to reveal the pretend germs. Then they wash their hands with soap, dry their hands with a paper towel and then put their hands back under the light to see if they have removed all of the germs. It’s a fun and engaging handwashing education activity!